Home Theater Screen Sizer and Setup Calculator

This calculator is used to figure out the size of a projection screen, the distance that the seating should be from this screen, and how high this screen should be off the floor. All three of these measurments depend on each other, so if one changes, the others could also.

Choose a screen format: Pick between 4:3 (old style TV format), 16:9 (wide screen TV format), 1.85:1 (movie format, almost the same size as 16:9, just a little wider), and 2.35:1 (movie wide format). These are the "standard" sizes. But there are lots of other sizes that movies are released in, so there is not a one size fits all. 16:9 is the most popular format, and when in doubt, a good choice.

Known measurement: This is the side of the screen that you know the width of. For example, if you are using a 4x8 piece of material to build your screen, and you want to use the full 4' side of the material, you would enter "height".

Screen width/height: This is the size in inches of the above known side.

Distance from floor to eye level: You need to have first picked out the seating you are planning on using. Sit in this seating, and have someone measure from the floor directly up to your eye level. (straight up).

Screen height: This is the final height measurment of the screen.

Screen width: This is the final width measurment of the screen.

Screen diagonal: This is the final diagonal measurment of the screen. (Not sure why anyone cares, but it may be an interesting fact to impress your friends and family with.)

Seat placement range from screen: This is the distance in feet that is the optimal viewing range for this size screen. Any closer distance may feel too close, and futher away than this range may feel to far away.

Bottom of screen from the floor: This is the distance that the bottom of the screen should be from the floor for optimal front row viewing.

Calculate riser for second row seating: This button will take you to This riser caculate or page where you can use the calculations from this tool to find the height needed for a second row riser.
Choose a screen format:
4:3    16:9     1.85:1    2.35:1    
Known measurement: Height   Width   
Screen width: (inches)
Distance from floor to eye level:
(while sitting in theater chair)
Screen width: (inches)
Screen height: (inches)
Screen diagonal: (inches)
Seat placement range from screen:  to  (feet)
Bottom of screen from the floor: (inches)