Lighting sets the stage

We all know that video and audio is important to home theaters.  But lighting.... when the movie is playing isn't the lights out?  So why is lighting so important?

Simple.  It sets the mood.  You want nice non-intrusive lighting to help set the visual mood leading into the movie, and leading out of the movie.   This can be something as simple as recessed lights on a dimmer.  To ceiling rim lighting with a star ceiling and all kinds of other bells and whistles.

Plan before you get started building

Okay... You have decided that you are going to take the plunge and build a HTPC home theater.  My suggestion is before you purchase your first item, or drive that first nail (If it involves construction) to map out what you want and do lots and lots of research.

The easy question is how to to handle the video.  Surprising enough, that is a very small part of the project.

I will try and go in to each of the below list in more details later, but for now, here is a very short check list of what to research.

Why a HTPC Home Theater?

It would be so much easier to just hook a DVD or Bluray player into a home theater system then to go to the hassle of building a HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) system if it were not for all the benefits that a HTPC offers.


Using a HTPC, you can not only play movies, you can listen to music, watch slideshows, run applications, surf the web, and have the ability to have your complete collection of movies always at your finger tips.

Enhancing the viewing experience: